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  • Tibet Travel Notes 2

    Leaving in morning, accompanied by sudden big and small autumn rain, we went all way west and entered mysterious 318. The sky is gray, and hills in distance are green-green, and white fog evaporates and swirls, as if these hills w...

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    Tibet Trip Notes 17

    I arrived in Golmud, second largest city in Qinghai, yesterday at 10pm, checked into Swisstouches hotel and felt pretty good, although journey was rough. It's just that I didn't have a good experience of style of this northwestern...

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    Tibet trip notes 8

    Leaving city of Nyingchi Bayi, southern Tibet, we will continue along clear Niyan River. There are so many beautiful scenery in Tibet, and Nyingchi is even more beautiful, but I was in a hurry and could only catch a glimpse, but I...

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    Tibet trip notes 13

    Get up at 5:00 am, start from Tingri Baiba after a simple breakfast, go to top of Mount Everest to meet sunrise on Everest, and arrive at a mountain pass, almost flat ground, 5200 meters above sea level, temperature is very low , ...

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    Tibet trip notes 10

    Lhasa, holy city of snow-covered land, is said to receive over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. It is known as "City of Sunshine". The sunlight is really good, it's like sun is over our heads. The Potala Palace is majestic and is a...

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    Tibet Trip Notes 7-2

    In morning we leave heavenly Renqing Inn hotel and continue on our way. Down Palong Zangbo River, through shirt forest of Gangyun, we came to Tongmai Tianxian, which was once known as throat of Sichuan and Tibet. Crossing new brid...

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    Tibet Trip Notes 7-1

    Last night I stayed at Renqing Inn, a Tibetan-style hostel in village of Bomi Baka. The hostel is surrounded by mountains, green and pleasant. The snow-capped mountains in distance shine white under sun. earth, it is patchwork, su...

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    Tibet Travel Notes 4

    Get up in morning in Batang, continue driving, cross Jinsha River and officially enter border of Tibet. I also entered more difficult and dangerous section of 318th line Sichuan-Tibet. There are dozens of kilometers of massage roa...

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    Tibet Travel Notes 18

    In morning, head straight to Qinghai Lake. From afar in front of you is a reflection of dark blue. The lake is associated with blue sky. The sky is so hazy that even horizon seems blurred. Standing by lake, there are practically n...

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    Tibet Travel Notes 6

    Last night I stayed at a self-driving car camping near beautiful Ranwu Lake. This is a newly built camping hotel with container-style rooms and glass walls. The top can be opened for stargazing. The layout and amenities are well i...

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