Notes on a trip to Tibet 19 (end)

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  • June 29, 2023

    Notes on a trip to Tibet 19 (end)

    On way home to Lanzhou, following speeding train, my thoughts went back to previous few days, to Sichuan-Tibet line, back to Lhasa, and back to Qinghai-Tibet line. Remembering this trip to Tibet, bright sun, white clouds, clear skies, rarefied air, hilly snow-capped mountains and quiet lakes are so mesmerizing. And vast grasslands, majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and picturesque villages are also refreshing. You never know what beautiful landscapes you will come across next, and Sichuan-Tibet line is "to be continued." Lama Red Potala Palace is deep, closed, tolerant, mysterious and quiet, embodying holiness and purity. The bronze prayer wheel is brightly polished by people with faith, and multi-colored prayer flags float in wind. Hunting and waving lay beautiful but unrealizable dreams on people. On undulating Qinghai-Tibet highway, cars dance up and down and people jump up and down in car, and pedometer in mobile phone can reach 15,000 steps, which is hard to forget. On Qinghai-Tibet line, you don't know if car will suddenly lower altitude in next second. Relatively speaking, our trip to Tibet was very successful: we saw rise of Everest, sunset of Kunlun, we saw piety of believers, constancy of life, we saw ancient glaciers, we felt top of world up close. To sum it up, it's because we have chosen right and right time frame and we have an experienced team of pilots. This allows us to have good weather at important nodes, have good line of sight, and see a face that is not easy to see in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In addition, experience of team leader also served as an escort for us to pass through dangerous sections of Sichuan-Tibet line intelligently and skillfully. At same time, team leader used his resources to understand and predict situation ahead, choose time, avoid risks and ensure safety. Here, professional and amateur, completely different results. Luckily, we have chosen such a professional team and we have chosen right time. Tibet is an ancient heavenly book with endless charm that drives many crazy and recognizable. After watching and watching, coming and coming again, I always feel like it's not enough and I have to come again. I think that if there is a suitable opportunity in future, I will come to Tibet again. It is often said that most beautiful landscapes are on road, just like life. And go to Tibet, there are most beautiful landscapes, and hearts of people will be washed and cleansed!

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    Notes on a trip to Tibet 19 (end)

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