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  • June 28, 2023

    Tibet Trip Notes 16

    Leave Nagku, a 3G-only city in northern Tibet, at 5am and continue on Qinghai-Tibet National Highway Line 109. I drove to Namtso yesterday, and there are tens of kilometers of intensive massage road back and forth made me very tired. Although only road to and from Namtso is under construction, construction period here in Tibet is only a few months, so it is calculated that two. It cannot be fully renovated every year, but to appreciate beauty of Namtso, you have to endure these kinds of blows. I thought yesterday was hardest day, but today is hardest day of whole journey. The whole journey is more than 800 kilometers. We will leave Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and enter Qaidam Basin. After passing through Anduo County and Mount Tojula, it was foggy at Tangula Pass, which is located at an altitude of 5231 meters above sea level, and cars seemed to be in a fairyland surrounded by clouds and fog. Crossing Tuotuo River, we crossed Ho Sil, a vast grassland where there is no human habitation, only National Highway 109, which we passed, and high-voltage power lines and transformers, and from time to time saw two green leather trains passing by. desolation. Along way, we can also see wild donkeys and Tibetan antelopes, in pairs and trios, an original natural landscape. On Qinghai-Tibet line, road is winding, and car drives up and down for a while, pushing forward. On some sections of road with permafrost, many iron rods, similar to steel pipes, are installed on side, which are said to be called hot rods. Despite this, road conditions on Qinghai-Tibet line are still very poor, with drivers tired and prone to accidents. When car passed Kunlun Pass, wind and cloudiness suddenly changed. Dark clouds covered half of snowy peaks of Mount Tangula. The temperature was very low, wind was also strong, and it began to rain lightly. After descending from mountain, rain stopped. Along National Highway 109, Kunlun Mountains on both sides are majestic and straight, with solid snow-capped mountains, magnificent scenery and majestic momentum. While walking all way, clouds change a lot. Looking back to west, there is a cloud of burning clouds, which is very beautiful.

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