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  • June 27, 2023

    Tibet trip notes 9

    Leaving beautiful Basonkuo and climbing up Niyan River, we will head to Lhasa, one of points of our journey. The most beautiful 318, living up to its reputation, still brings us constant surprises and emotional experiences. Along path of protagonist, there are still blue skies, white clouds within reach, green mountains, snow-capped peaks, clear water, green and yellow hillsides, scattered yaks, a leisurely life is presented in front of us. The car passed Mila Pass at an altitude of 5013 meters. This is last mountain to enter Tibet. The landscapes are beautiful. Today's trip is relatively refreshing, whole way is mostly high-speed, that is, tunnel in Mira mountain was not repaired, so we pass a mountain pass. If tunnel is built in future, it will take more than 300 kilometers from Nyingchi to Lhasa, and whole way will be at high speed. So speed will be very high, but without going through Mila Pass, there will be less beautiful scenery. Finally, after an 8-day journey along National Highway 318, we saw majestic Potala Palace. Lhasa, we are here!

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