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  • June 26, 2023

    Tibet Trip Notes 11

    Tibet Travel Notes 11

    When you come to Lhasa, for most people it is not only famous Potala Palace, but also Jokhang Temple, which has a history of more than 1300 years and which has highest status in Tibetan Buddhism. oil lamps are always burning, leaving traces of years and pilgrims. Compared to these two places, number of people heading to Norbulingka is relatively less. This western suburb of Lhasa was built in 1840s. The garden, built by Dalai VII, is where successive Dalai Lamas spent their summers and ruled. summer palace of typical Tibetan-style gardens, as well as garden with largest scale, best scenery and most historical sites among man-made gardens of Tibet. It has several magnificent palaces. It is not easy to start such a garden on a plateau, it looks like Summer Palace in Beijing, and it is even pleasant to walk in Norbulingka. The streets of Lhasa, especially Barkhor Street, have long been open to pedestrians, people come and go, bustling crowds everywhere that can be described as crowds of tourists. Perhaps for leadership reasons, people kneeling and worshiping in streets are relatively rare, and they are not what they were originally supposed to be. In Potala Palace Square in morning and evening, there are many people who relax and do sports, especially in morning when air is good and scenery is good, it is very convenient to walk casually. This season Lhasa has blue skies and white clouds, sun is very good, sun is very hot, and after standing in shade for a long time, it is a little cold, dry, but we are still not used to it. As in inland cities, streets of Lhasa are full of cars, traffic is congested, some branches are very difficult for traffic to pass, and it is also difficult to find parking spaces. Compared to our coastal areas, pace of life here is much slower, perhaps due to plateau, because air pressure is low, oxygen content is also low, we all suffocate when we carry weight here. Maybe it is a tourist city. Compared to our mainland, consumption here is not low. Lhasa, after a cursory glance, feels pretty good.

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