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  • June 25, 2023

    Tibet trip notes 15

    Leaving Lhasa, we embarked on Qinghai-Tibet line, passed through Yangbajing and entered grasslands of northern Tibet, turned around Mount Nyainkentangla and arrived at Namtso, another sacred lake among three sacred lakes of Tibet. It is different from Yamdrok Yongkuo I saw yesterday: water is dark blue, tinted by snow-capped mountains in distance, and calm. When I was driving to Namtso Tashi Peninsula, when I passed Mount Nagenla at an altitude of 5190 meters, sky was still clear, and suddenly a dark cloud covered me, and hail fell. After a while, while car was moving, hail turned into snowflakes, and then turned into in a light rain. Moving forward, dark clouds were left behind, weather cleared up, and sun shone high. In Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, weather changes at any time, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, and there are people in a variety of clothes. As we advanced along Qinghai-Tibet line, road was undulating, meadows on both sides were covered with water and grass, and number of yaks also increased significantly compared to previous few days. In general, scenery of Sichuan-Tibet line is diverse, with a kind of intelligent and exciting beauty, while Qinghai-Tibet line is more of a sense of boundlessness and wild charm.

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