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  • June 23, 2023

    Tibet Travel Notes 2

    Leaving in morning, accompanied by sudden big and small autumn rain, we went all way west and entered mysterious 318. The sky is gray, and hills in distance are green-green, and white fog evaporates and swirls, as if these hills were breathing. There are many tunnels along way, and some of them are at level of tens of kilometers, and eardrums are a little felt. What shocked me was Erlang Mountain Tunnel, five-star red flag displayed by lights inside was impressive, and a sense of pride arose spontaneously. When car arrived in Ludin County, sky was clear, but thick clouds still covered blue sky. Walking along swaying Ludin Bridge, I experienced historical period of tea skate market, which was “three thousand miles east of Lushui, west of Ludin. The first bridge from Yanguan", recalling how difficult it was for Red Army to capture this chain bridge with two iron chains on sides and nine lower chains in middle as a bridge deck. . Along Dadu River and Washigou River, we continued along Highway 318, surrounded by mountains, and reached mouth of Sichuan and Tibet, Kangding, an important city on Ancient Tea Horse Road, is also our rest stop today. The beautiful landscape along way has a panoramic view. The fly in ointment is that Lexus in our convoy had a serious collision with a Harvard car in process of overtaking uphill. The rear windshield of Lexus was completely shattered, rear axle was broken, and front axle of Harvard was broken. Luckily staff were ok, but Lexus driver was so scared he had a blue face when he got off. While driving, you still need to be careful, safety is paramount, in order to enjoy beautiful nature, safety is a must!

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