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  • June 21, 2023

    Tibet trip notes 8

    Leaving city of Nyingchi Bayi, southern Tibet, we will continue along clear Niyan River. There are so many beautiful scenery in Tibet, and Nyingchi is even more beautiful, but I was in a hurry and could only catch a glimpse, but I was very pleased. In short, it was a worthwhile trip, although I was tired all way, but still had a slight high reaction a few days ago. Arrived in Basongcuo in deep valley of a high gorge in upper reaches of Ba River in Gongbu Jiangda County. Known as an open paradise, this place is surrounded by green water, surrounded by high mountains, and snow-capped peaks shining in sun. This is first and only natural scenery in Tibet. It is national level 5A tourist scenic spot, but it has been developed and taste of commercialization is relatively heavy. The beautiful scenery is still there, which is a bit of a pity. Looking at surrounding mountains, majestic and magnificent, scenery is endless; clear water, clear to bottom, in such a scenery of mountains and lakes, I am very moved when thinking of Xin Qiji's "Nanxiangzi Pavilion ยท Dengjingkou Beigu with Vanity." ": "Where to see Shenzhou? Landscapes are full of Beigulou. How many things have risen and fallen over centuries? Long and long. The endless Yangtze River rolls on. Young and young, battle in southeast does not stop "Who is hero of world? Cao Liu. You must have children like Sun Zhongmou." It's a shame that Central Plains culture stopped at Mount Erlang, otherwise those Tang and Song masters would be so crazy when they encounter Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau! How proud! It is a pity that there was no 318 then, and there was no transport to get there, so no one wrote poetry and Fu, and there were no famous lines that have passed through centuries. Chinese literature and art!

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