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  • June 19, 2023

    Tibet trip notes 10

    Lhasa, holy city of snow-covered land, is said to receive over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. It is known as "City of Sunshine". The sunlight is really good, it's like sun is over our heads. The Potala Palace is majestic and is a huge wealth left to us by our ancestors. As for Jokhang temple, we were shocked by pious worshipers. The small place at entrance is filled with kneeling worship. There is no place, and some are standing in square outside gate. There are men and women, old and young, all have different pillows, and those who don't have pillows wear thick aprons around their bodies, they put their hands together, above top of head, and then they kneel with their hands extended forward. Put it on ground, lie down on mat with your whole body, take your hands back for a while, support your body and stand up, and then join your hands up and repeat this. People see power of faith, which is unbreakable. Even though Barkhor Street is full of shops and built up, it is still very attractive, I think most people go there because of Maggie Amy, a beautiful legend. When you come to Tibet, you must know Tsangyang Gyatso, sixth Dalai Lama, who leads a mysterious life, is extremely talented, and is also most controversial lama in Tibetan history. His bold poem “Living in Potala Palace, I am biggest king in a snowy country. Wandering streets of Lhasa, I am most beautiful lover in world." How many people fall for this. And Maggie Amy is place where he and his lover meet. Many people come here just to drink a cup of milk tea there, sit quietly in it, listen to romantic songs and think about beauty of Tsangyang Gyatso. Poem: "When you see me, or if you do not see me, I will be there, neither sad nor happy. You read, or do not miss me, there is love, neither come nor go." And Lhasa became tender and romantic thanks to Tsangyang Gyatso.

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