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  • June 08, 2023

    Tibet trip notes 1

    A trip to Tibet, which has long been brewing, should take place tomorrow. Although there were unexpected changes before that, fortunately, dream came true, and in general situation is not a problem.

    Many self-driving guidebooks and beautiful articles about entering Tibet on internet all talk about beauty of Tibet and they all say that you should visit Tibet once in your life because it is about dreams and ideals. I think for many people Tibet is a kind of feeling, why you need to go, it must be because it is on way, because along way you can go to heart, and also this desire for beauty in everyone's soul. soul . It is often said that road is a ladder up and road is a boat crossing a river. When we go to Tibet, we can see snow-capped mountains, sacred lakes, Tibetan Buddha statues, but more importantly, we can see our own heart. I think that vast majority of people go to Tibet not just for fun, but for fashion. Collaborate with various conditions, especially physical condition. For us, comprehension in way of life itself is a kind of disaster, and these disasters must be experienced personally in order for life to be full and difficult. There is a saying that experience determines experience, and experience creates thoughts, only with rich experience and deep experience can we have our own thoughts, have our own views and opinions on world and life. Therefore, a trip to Tibet is a must, just for experience of eyes and mind.

    I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip. I will take beautiful highway 318 and return from Qinghai-Tibet line. It is said to be a relatively ideal route for traveling through Tibet. You can fully appreciate scenery along way, hug sun, join hands with nature, kiss holy mountain and feel holy water. Let's appreciate the gift of nature and take a double journey with eyes and soul.