Notes on rainy days - Written on February 15, 2020, during days of state's fight against epidemic.

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  • June 07, 2023

    Notes on rainy days - Written on February 15, 2020, during days of state's fight against epidemic.

    On Saturday afternoon, temperature dropped and wind whistling from north window sounded like winter even though it was beginning of spring. Standing on balcony and looking outside, sky is cloudy and clouds are very thick. From time to time, sound of a clothes hanger outside window is heard. These are drops of rain left on a clothes hanger on top floor after a light rain in morning. After a while, it keeps falling and falling onto a stainless steel pipe. There are very few pedestrians, and there are more than half as many cars on road as usual. their duties at gates of settlement, checking passes of incoming and outgoing personnel, measuring their body temperature. It is truly unprecedented that this celebration continues to this day. Controls have also been strengthened for epidemic prevention needs. I also understand that staying at home is to protect yourself, do your part and reduce chaos. What I can do is reduce number of going out and wait for notification to resume work.

    When I got home, I took book off coffee table and looked through collection of senior university reports that I had at home last year but hadn't read. Remembering that day in this book, I saw an article written by Master Xie. At that time, I suddenly remembered that I had not seen a teacher for almost 20 years. At school, teacher gave us tireless teaching and many past experiences. Unable to contain my excitement, I found her phone number on my phone, looked it up and added her as a friend on WeChat. Looking at WeChat avatar, teacher used real photo as before, still intelligent and elegant, smile on his face, like warm sun in winter, makes people feel friendly, bookcase behind teacher in photo The complete book tells me that I still love life very much and continue to learn. While waiting for teacher to go through WeChat, I searched internet for teacher's name and also saw some of teacher's social activities, knowing that teacher is still a democrat who loves society. Soon teacher approved my request to add, and said that I was now retired, but working in senior classes of university, and continuing to invest my strength, and curiously asked where I got teacher's phone number. In fact, I don't know when I had a teacher's phone number. After leaving school, I rarely saw teacher. I only saw him a few times in crowd on street. seems to be called Jinqiu building. At that time, teacher also left school and was looking for work again. When I went that day, teacher was doing calligraphy. The teacher's pen calligraphy was very beautiful, and he practiced brush calligraphy tirelessly. He is truly a person who strives for excellence. Maybe then I asked teacher to save phone number in my cell phone, but I haven't used it in so many years. I added WeChat and reported to teacher about situation over past few years, and teacher only encouraged me anddidn't chat with me because I was busy studying on my mobile phone. I did not bother teacher anymore, but simply wished in my heart that teacher would take care of herself during this unusual period and that everything would be fine.

    The ding-dong sound came again outside window, which also interrupted my memories. The sky darkened, and it seemed to repeat current situation. It started to rain again, and from trees to community. , tirelessly, as if telling us that spring has come. Looking at little circles of raindrops falling into small pond outside, at stars, I know that this rainy day is temporary and weather will improve when sun still rises and illuminates earth, I think this day will not be very far away, maybe tomorrow .