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  • June 06, 2023

    Those things on project (17)

    Comprehensive acceptance requires presence of five parties, i.e. construction team, construction team, designer, supervisor and research team. With permission of quality supervision department, construction team organizes project leaders of five parties. hold a meeting The Construction Control Center oversees and accepts entire project.

    Usually, after pre-acceptance of archives, construction party and construction party will eliminate and implement problems of pre-acceptance inspection, and at same time, all relevant materials are prepared and submitted for quality control. supervisory department for preliminary review. , quality supervision department approved and reported to construction control center for approval, and set time for a comprehensive acceptance meeting for acceptance. The acceptance meeting will be organized by construction party under chairmanship of construction management center and with participation of quality supervision department. Then construction party and construction party will report on status of construction and construction, respectively, and then design, supervision, and exploration will also explain and complete project, and then everyone will go to project together Field inspection of project site.

    Because on-site inspection was carried out at time of acceptance before completion, this time object is relatively simple. The main quality and appearance issues were reflected in last check and have been fixed, so it's usually a matter of seeing if there's a fix in place, if there are any omissions, and so on. After such a re-inspection, quality supervision department seeks opinions of all parties, and then comprehensively issues relevant forms, such as acceptance completion checklist and completion acceptance reports, which will be signed by heads of five parties, declaring that completion acceptance is qualified, and at same time Quality Supervision Department The issuance of "Notice of deadlines for acceptance of completion and registration" means that fire protection inspection must be completed within 15 days from date of acceptance of completion, and HBC record must be completed at same time. If it cannot be completed in this deadline, that is, there are only two ways, one is to apply for a deferred report and get approval, and other is to reconvene acceptance meeting at end. It's just that 15 days is a bit unreasonable. Usually, when we contact relevant department about a particular issue, we respond within a few business days. And receipt issued by relevant department is 15 days including weekends and holidays, which is a little tricky, why not? What company requires is number of days, not just working days, holidays and Sundays, but what is required of oneself is only working days. Roughly speaking, requirements of respective departments are Marxism-Leninism for others and liberalism for themselves . Justthe voice of enterprise is very quiet here, and it is useless to raise opinions. I just can't figure out that filing must be completed within 15 days, taking into account holidays. Why is it so urgent and cannot be delayed ?