My travel notes abroad (6) Trips to Japan, Thailand and India (1)

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  • June 01, 2023

    My travel notes abroad (6) Trips to Japan, Thailand and India (1)

    In early December 2006, company organized a delegation trip to Japan, Thailand and India to participate in a technical improvement project. We were a group of four, led by company's executive vice president, accompanied by an agent and a translator. during whole process. In about 10 days, I will go first to Japan, then to Thailand and India.

    The name of agent who accompanied us was Xie. He was a very pleasant person, full of enthusiasm and always smiling when we met. He lives in New Zealand, works here alone and only comes back once a year. It is a pity that two years after this inspection, I heard that he had died in a car accident while driving in Inner Mongolia. I have known him at work since 1992, and here I have to remember these trips and express my memory of him.

    In Japan, visiting Toyota is a big achievement. Accompanied by director of Toyota, we visited office, some production workshops and warehouses, and were very impressed with management on site. Unfortunately, we cannot take pictures in workshop, and situation on site can only be seen with eyes. Toyota is famous for its management. One of main ideas is to enable production to reflect market changes in a timely manner while maintaining stable quality, as well as to minimize costs through incremental improvement, and establish a multi-variant and small production line. High-quality low-cost production method in conditions of mass mixed production - production just in time (abbreviated as JIT). Toyota management thinking believes that in order to achieve timely and consistently high-quality production, it is necessary to proceed from intricacies of operations, divide all work into interconnected processes, specify operations of each process What, where, when and productivity. Although I usually learn this knowledge, I am very lucky to have time to visit this place and do my research on spot.

    After touring site, director of Toyota treated us to a sumptuous Japanese lunch, especially delicious crab, which I have not forgotten for many years. According to director, we are just in season and only during this period of time. This crab is harvested from coastal waters of Hokkaido and then airlifted to Tokyo, which is equivalent of our Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs here.

    In Tokyo, we also visited several sights, and at same time visited office of our company and office dormitory. Land in Tokyo is very expensive, and office has rented space in office building, which is just enough for office and product presentation and demonstration. There are two people in company's office, two young people, a man and a woman, very energetic, I think this is also set up for different clients. The office dormitory is in a residential area, and house is also very small. I remember going up elevator, opening door and entering house. The house is square. On left is a small living roomwith tables and chairs. Behind living room is a mini kitchen AND a bathroom, a small passage on side. To right is a room that is divided into two rooms, front and back. The door opens from living room and passageway. The door to living room is for girls, and door to anus is for boys. I also went to boy's room to check, inside is very small, with an area of ​​two tatami, except for one tatami, there is no table in other space, and laptop is also placed on a small stool, and people can only sit on ground, and conditions are also difficult Yes, I really don't know how two of them worked together in Japan for a few years and I really admire them.

    I get impression that Tokyo is very busy and concept of time is very strong. You only need to look at flow of people in subway. Keep your head up and hurry up, whether you are an old man or a child, a man or a woman, you do not slow down.

    After leaving Tokyo, we went to Bangkok and visited two factories. Due to lack of time, we didn't go to any other places to visit them. We only remembered Japanese salesman who accompanied us to Bangkok. We ate at different places and everything was delicious.