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    May 18, 2023

    My Foreign Travel Notes (8) Trip to Pakistan (1)

    From November 2014 to November 2015, exactly one year, I worked in Faisalabad, a city near Lahore in Pakistan.

    I have worked and lived in Pakistan for one year and I have some understanding of situation there.

    Most of Pakistan has a tropical monsoon climate, which is similar to temperate monsoon climate in eastern part of my country, but its temperature is much higher than in eastern part of my country. In summer, sometimes outside air temperature can reach 50 degrees, and 40 degrees usually. The ultraviolet rays are very strong, so skin of people there is brown. At such a high temperature, it is easy to get heatstroke if you stay in sun for too long. Here's what happened to me: I stood out in sun for too long in a factory and unknowingly got recruited and got heatstroke one day.

    In hospital, way to see a doctor is also different from ours. We go to hospital for various examinations and then we prescribe medicines or hang water. I remember that morning when I woke up dizzy and couldn't get up, I called factory and my Pakistani colleagues went to hostel to take me to hospital. At hospital, doctor sat in lobby, looked at me, asked about my situation and said that I had heat stroke. I was then arranged to suspend water. During process of suspending water, a blood test was taken to confirm. It seems that process is a bit reversed. Maybe they have seen this kind of situation too much, so solution is fast and accurate. Fortunately, after I hung up a large bottle of water, I no longer feel dizzy, which is probably case with so-called illness.

    Perhaps due to high temperature, food is not easy to store and spoils easily. Therefore, food there is fried a lot, and meat food is mostly fried. Therefore, there are a lot of people there, even if they are very. The young guy also has a big belly. Fortunately, there is no alcohol, otherwise it would be even more serious.

    Pakistani usually do not drink hot water, but drink straight from tap. I usually like to wear slippers, even on cold days when it's raining outside, I wear a down jacket, but my feet are also barefoot, and I get cold when I walk in rain in slippers. Maybe they have been like this since childhood and they are used to it.

    Handicrafts in Pakistan are still very refined and of a fairly high standard. I remember buying two copper vases in Lahore when I was on holiday at home. There are also cashmere scarves that come in a variety of colors.

    In Pakistan, every morning tweeters will sound on time and without interruption. There, power of religion is invincible, and beliefs of people are deeply rooted. During day, in office, in workshop, at right time, in right place, Musilin will pray at right time and never forget.

    After working in Pakistan for one year, I deeply appreciate friendship between China and Pakistan, which is why they are called Pakistan Railways. Wherever we go, they will always meet us, and they also like to take pictures with you - in hotels, non streets or in picturesque places, we often encounter such things. I remember that due to fact that corner of my tooth collapsed after eating, plus other problems with my teeth, it was painful and uncomfortable to eat. A colleague from Bafang took me to a dental clinic. After several procedures, doctor treated me with great enthusiasm and treated us to Chinese . There are also many discounts on treatment.

    During my stay in Pakistan, I was armed with guards as I descended from airport. On way to and from work, I was accompanied by special police escorts with weapons. A guard car stood in front, our column in middle and a guard car at end. At work, there are also guards with weapons on roof. Usually, you can't leave community after work. The dormitory where our Chinese team lives is guarded day and night by guards with machine guns at door. When we go to hypermarket on weekends, we go there together and under protection of guards. When I first got there, I lived in a hotel, and there were three entrances, large iron gates, underground barriers and observation gates. It also indicates serious problems with security and protection of Chinese personnel. Fortunately, during year that I was there, nothing special happened around me.

    My Foreign Travel Notes (8) Trip to Pakistan (1)

    Wagon on streets of Faisalabad

    My Foreign Travel Notes (8) Trip to Pakistan (1)

    Pakistani children

    My Foreign Travel Notes (8) Trip to Pakistan (1)

    Cars full of people on road