My foreign travel diary (10) written in following words

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  • May 18, 2023

    My foreign travel diary (10) written in following words

    "My Travels Abroad" finally came to an end, it had over 34,000 words, which took me a lot of effort. In fact, I am very fortunate to have time and opportunity to visit more than 20 countries and regions during my career.

    Because of long time, I can't remember many details abroad, and many famous places have become very strange, such as in Western Europe, Africa, USA, etc., so text is not long. I remember that when I went out, I wrote in my little notebooks water where I went and what sights I visited, all this left traces, but it is a pity that I do not know where these small notebooks are. . Also, at that time we were mostly in a group and rarely did things alone, so there was very little time to visit a place, and many places were too busy to visit them in detail. Luckily, there are a few more photos that I can refer to to help me remember. The photos from that time all have date on corner, which makes my memory much easier. It's just that many original photos in Western Europe are no longer there, and there are very few left in computer.

    Photography, as for me, has not improved, even now level is average, then it was even worse, and layout of structure is not satisfactory. The photos used in this article, in Europe, USA, Africa, are all remakes of film, and color itself has changed, so color and like are very bad. I just get around text and explain that I was here, that's all.

    The fact that I have been to many places and seen cultures and customs that I have not seen before, in fact, it also affects me, but all this is subtle, and also adds to experience and enriches it. In fact, many places abroad have their own unique things to learn from each other, from this point of view, we need to travel and expand our horizons. Just like that time in Sri Lanka, driver's shyness and initiative in obeying rules of road, these good qualities, good habits and good practices are exactly what we need to learn now, especially these simple symbols. Today, with development of economy, we have lost a lot, becoming more rapid and less simple, and this is what we need to seriously think about today.

    "The world is big, I want to see it." In fact, in our poor life, other than having to work, we can't go to many places. We haven't been to many places in China, let alone exotic scenery, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. of us can only watch them on TV. I once read an article about how I don't want to and shouldn't go out because when I get to stage I find that it's just that, and pictures we see on posters and on TV are all under a certain angle of view. conditions, with Shot by staff with know-how, so it's beautiful and attractive. But I think that between this and fact that we are there, there is still a big difference, maybe photos that wemade in picturesque places, not as good as those shown on TV or those experts, but we've been there before. feel same on stage. it's completely different.

    I once had opportunity to go to New Zealand, but I turned it down because I was very busy at that stage, and it's a pity when I think about it now. Looking at pictures taken there, you can see scene when you look down and painting when you look up, it's very beautiful. In fact, if there is an opportunity to go out and look, then you really can’t give up. Life is very short, and we don’t have much time left, and there won’t be many opportunities.

    Also, I've always wanted to visit Northern Europe, but I don't have time or opportunity. I remember that year in Africa, at end of trip, president of bank who was traveling with us told me that we would make an appointment to visit five Nordic countries together in future. Of course, this may be true, or it may be a formality, and over time there will be many changes, but no matter what, this place is still very attractive, it must be visited and it is worth it. . I also hope to be able to go there one day in future. Of course, best solution is to rent a car and drive on your own and plan your own itinerary to see beautiful scenery and different styles, especially nervous weather there. .

    Each article in "My Travels Abroad" section is in headlines, but neither number of impressions nor number of readers is high, and their effect is not as good as that of a microheadline. This may be due to fact that there are a lot of words of this type, with lack of new ideas, coupled with lack of attractiveness and charm of my own text organization, and also because other people do not care. Fortunately, remembering and recording these experiences is also a self-generalization. One day in future, if I want to see original experience, I can have it too. After all, with age, memory will only deteriorate inversely. It is always good to write this. So in face of amount of impressions and reading, I take it easy. It's written for me. If it happens to be shared with others, it will be icing on cake.