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    May 18, 2023

    7 romantic places in Prague

    I want to go to Prague, to those romantic places, and to my beloved Ta

    7 romantic places in Prague

    Vysehrad (High Castle)

    Vysehrad is one of most romantic places in city, offering a breathtaking view of old town. Have a wonderful picnic here, enjoy views, walk along walls of old fortress of 10th century, visit new Gothic church of Saints Peter and Paul.

    Prague Botanical Garden and Troja Castle

    With its historical labyrinth and wine cellars, Troy Castle can also be a great place for a romantic stroll. A short walk from castle is Prague Botanical Garden, which consists of three parts: park, Santa Clara vineyard and Fata Morgana Conservatory. If it is spring in park, then there is a beautiful Japanese garden, especially when wisterias begin to bloom. The Fata Morgana greenhouse can also be a great place to take a walk, thanks to its exotic greenery and jungle atmosphere. After a long walk, enjoy a glass of fine wine produced in wine house's botanical garden and take in breathtaking views of Prague from Troy.

    Petrin Hill

    In any romantic place in Prague there is a park with famous historical cable car and Prague Eiffel Tower. If you come at noon or in evening, slowly walk along winding path through large old gardens full of fruit trees to enjoy spiritual delight.

    Vrtbovsk Garden

    The Italian Baroque terraced garden is perhaps one of most charming gardens in Prague. It is hidden from city, as it can only be entered through courtyard of Vrtba Palace. It was built by a famous architect, sculptor and painter on orders of Count Jan Joseph about four centuries ago. The work of best specialists creates a pearl of landscape architecture.

    Pruhonice Park

    Pruhonice Park is one of largest landscape parks in Europe. The area is 240 hectares. Endless paths wind through flower beds and large trees. The local collection contains about 100 different types of rhododendrons and more than 8,000 shrubs that bloom in spring.

    Camapa Island

    This is one of most magical sights in city. In its central part there is a park overlooking embankment. The stunning landscapes are breathtaking, and here you can also walk along oldest bridge over Chertovka River, which separates island from coast.

    Ktenice Castle

    The fairy-tale castle complex Ctenice is located on outskirts of city and is ideal for hiking and cycling. The complex includes castle itself and a beautiful park. The castle is under control of main city and museum of Prague.