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    May 18, 2023

    A trip to Danube

    Third interval with circular motion, with circular motion

    A vague prelude intertwines with morning sun.

    First coast.

    White gulls fly in a beam of light,

    Fly towards fuchsia twin spiers of Catholic Church

    Jumped up to clouds and stayed there for a long time.

    Blue water of Danube,

    An explosion into infinity.

    ——【Danubian Rhapsody】

    Danube is second longest river in Europe. It originates in southwestern Germany, flows from west to east, flows through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, and finally flows into Black Sea. It flows through 10 countries and is river with most rivers in world.

    Since ancient times, Danube has been a source of inspiration for poets and artists for its beauty and culture it brings. The Austrian musician Strauss wrote "The Blue Danube" after her, and poet Karl Beck praised her as "young, beautiful and tender, like gold shining in a mine."

    The city it flows through is as poetic as it is.

    Prague. The capital and largest city of Czech Republic, former capital of Czech Kingdom, as well as capital of Holy Roman Empire. It is colorful and attractive and is known as one of "most beautiful cities in Europe". With castle on left, old town on right, and red-roofed houses along banks of Vltava River, this is Kafka's hometown, and this city has been recognized as a world cultural heritage.

    A trip to Danube

    City of Český Krumlov is also known as city of SK. Because of colorful houses scattered throughout city, tourists affectionately call it "Colourful City". Its famous scenic spot, old city center, preserves style of Middle Ages and is also listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

    A trip to Danube

    In small town of Melk is sumptuous and stunning Melk Abbey. The landscape here is beautiful, trees are shady, and magnificent old buildings adorn city, like a pearl dotted on Danube.

    ViennaVienna is capital of Austria. It is small and exquisite, with many magnificent buildings - Schönbrunn Palace, Imperial Palace of Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hofburg Palace, presidential residence, etc.; it is pleasant and convenient, with its beautiful parks and convenient transportation system, it has also been voted most livable city in world.

    A trip to Danube

    In addition, it is undisputed "musical capital". Since 18th century, world-famous music festivals such as Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Haydn and Strauss have been producing great music here.

    Bratislava is capital of Slovakia. It is largest city in Slovakia and only capital in world that borders two neighboring countries at same time. Bratislava Castle offers a view of whole world, you can see realistic statues on Old Town Square and appreciate features and fun of city in streets and streets of Old Town.

    A trip to Danube

    Budapest is capital of Hungary. It combines classicism and modernity at same time. The avant-garde city has preserved ancient buildings of 19th century. The famous Széchenyi Chain Bridge, magnificent Buda Palace and Roman-style Fisherman's Bastion create a colorful picture of Hungarian history.

    In addition, city has museums, cafes, antique fairs and thermal baths - Budapest is a great place to walk or visit.