The British love to argue! Are Swiss proud? Do Italians love to enjoy? Austrian workaholic

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    May 18, 2023

    The British love to argue! Are Swiss proud? Do Italians love to enjoy? Austrian workaholic

    Life is beautiful, and now I have to live in many countries. The countries I have lived in Europe for study and work include Switzerland, Italy, UK and now Austria. Traveling is wonderful, mood swings and exposure to new landscapes are priceless, but settling in a foreign country is a completely different feeling. It is deeper experience, integration and finding one's own position, discovering knowledge about different cultures in different countries, observing habits of crowd and social changes that attract each other, all this can be achieved by staying in one place for a certain period of time implemented.

    Many people ask me with curiosity: "Which European country do you like most?" or "Which country do you like to live in most?" Everything has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. At different stages of life, because of different needs, I love or choose different things. Therefore, I would like to share my opinion about people, events and things in these four European countries.

    The British love to argue! Are Swiss proud? Do Italians love to enjoy? Austrian workaholic

    The British love to argue! Are Swiss proud? Do Italians just love to enjoy? Austrians are most workaholics!

    Switzerland. Switzerland is a country with high salaries and a rich life, which makes it a desirable destination for people from neighboring countries, however, some Swiss may be more contemptuous of coming from abroad. At first I thought Swiss were shy, compared to other people from all over world I felt that Swiss were not very friendly.

    Italy - Italy is a country with rich natural landscapes and rich history and culture, so there are many interesting places and locals know where to go different places to enjoy different things. Good food and great views. In fact, I think that Europe has more paid annual leave, plus it's very convenient and cheap to visit different countries by car or short-haul plane, so whether it's Switzerland, Italy, UK or Austria, people pay a lot of attention to get free some time for a good rest. It's just that places and activities in each country are still a little limited by geographical conditions of country. For example, Austrians are very fond of skiing, which is why Italy has beaches and snow-capped mountains. season, each area has something to enjoy, so holiday atmosphere is more common!

    Great Britain. Many Britons believe that their biggest national characteristic is that they don't pry into other people's business. For example, they will definitely choose most private place when they get on bus, and boss will tell. There are not many employees. Ask why. But personally speaking with many British people, I think they made me feel that each of them will one thing and then many topics will revolve around what they care about. most, and like to emphasize importance of this issue. And my British friends and I often get into lengthy arguments, trying to find different points of view to break each other down or see how far each one can persevere! But sometimes I can't help but think that thing I talk to and get along with most is British. In fact, this is because language has fewest barriers. After all, when people from other three countries talk to me, their English is often not very fluent, so sometimes we don't speak too deeply.

    Austria. What surprises me most in Austria is their working time, most of my friends in Austria have flexibility strong>, only calculate total time to reach standard each month . If you go to work at 7 am, sometimes you can leave early at 4 pm, although this advantage is exaggerated. But it's also nice to have more time for yourself after work. And many people's working hoursfar above 40 hour limit. I am really surprised by enthusiasm of Austrians to work.

    The British love to argue! Are Swiss proud? Do Italians love to enjoy? Austrian workaholic

    Is Italy inefficient? Law and order in Switzerland at its best! Austrian musical kingdom? Digitize everything in UK!

    Switzerland. The people of Switzerland will obviously feel that Switzerland is a orderly and safe country. What I admire most is robust public domain work in Switzerland. For example, Switzerland is a federal system and many things will be put to a referendum. What is surprising is that voter turnout rate in Switzerland is very high and choice of citizens is also very wise, so level of political participation is high. The society also insists on a stronger government. So we can say that Switzerland is a country with self-discipline from top to bottom!

    Italy. In contrast, Italian system... is very messy, cumbersome and a bit unintelligent. But, to be honest, efficiency of many government agencies in Europe is very low, and time for reviewing documents is quite long, and it is useless to force them. But I think Italy has a plus in that many of paperwork fees are free! For example, registering a marriage at registry office is free, re-applying for a national health insurance card is also free. The other three countries are not doing so well.

    Great Britain - I have always considered UK a developed country. Many stores, banks, and government agencies conduct transactions, services, and affairs over Internet, and there are even cases where it can only be accessed through Internet or an app! However, many phone calls in UK used to be made over computer connections. While AI ​​is very useful and quite progressive, sometimes ghosts keep hitting wall. If you can't solve a problem and can't find a real person, you'll get angry.

    Austria. It so happens that everything that impresses me in these three countries is connected with government. The Austrian government is quite conventional, but it is also very strict towards EU itself. , Naturalization and financial certificates are a little strange, but some countries in European Union just don't trust each other... Austria is actually quite a small country, best known for its status in classical music and musicians in every city really has a lot. Even though city we live in is more industrial oriented, there are still many students studying music and arts and activities abroad. This is a true musical kingdom .

    The British love to argue! Are Swiss proud? Do Italians love to enjoy? Austrian workaholic

    Dear Switzerland! British desert for gourmets? Italy is delicious and easy to buy! Are beautiful mountains and rivers of Austria so boring?

    Switzerland. Although quality of Swiss goods is guaranteed, price is also guaranteed to be high! Especially in terms of food, everything is very expensive, but actually neighboring countries also have similar food, so I always feel like I didn't eat anything cost-effective. But I have a personal understanding in Switzerland that prices are directly proportional to people's intentions, so as long as things are done well enough, "value" It can greatly improve!

    Italy. Many people say that Italy is very tasty to eat casually, and I really think that Italy is country with most diverse cuisine in Europe, but I also like improved Hawaiian pizza with a two-layer sandwich crust, so I don't agree with Italian food at all! However, apart from delicious Italian food, there are a few dishes that are really delicious and they are also very economical! In addition to high-end luxury brands, there are many small brands of good quality and design that are easy to buy! Before manufacturing industry moved to mainland, to India and South East Asia, Italian manufacturing industry was very developed, but now only a few brands still insist on Italian production and do not raise prices.

    Great Britain. Another myth I had to dispel is that there is no good food in Britain! Although traditional food culture in UK has lost a lot, many seafood, desserts and international restaurants are very good. I also want to give credit to supermarkets in UK because supermarkets in many European countries only sell what locals eat or process food way locals are used to cooking, so I want to buy headless shrimp, whole shrimp. Flower branches, pork liver, pig heart, mouth meat, etc. will not be available! But there is still plenty of variety in UK and there are still plenty of Asian Super Leagues (soul food for outlanders!), so I really think UK is very good for foreigners to survive < /strong>friendly.

    Austria is a continuation of hardship of survival just mentioned because Austria is focused on human rights so businesses close at 6 o'clock on time during >weeks >Saturdayspartsclose early at 2pm and close on Sundaysand also half restaurants are closed on Sundays so you really need to "nenjoy family life!" As for other aspects of life, Austria has many mountains and clear lakes. You can climb mountains in summer and ski in winter. Life is very relaxing, but is it suitable for city children? that's another question! Austria has many elegant Baroque buildings and castles. It's a historically rich country. You just need to develop your own interests to make good use of time after sightseeing !