Why are more and more people choosing to study abroad? Where is best place to study in Europe?

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  • Why are more and more people choosing to study abroad? Where is best place to study in Europe?
    May 18, 2023

    Why are more and more people choosing to study abroad? Where is best place to study in Europe?

    Studying abroad in different countries near major cultural centers, where European way of life is intertwined with historical heritage of great empires - this is Czech Republic. Brief information about foreign countries Steven tells you about reasons why thousands of international students choose this country for their higher education abroad.

    Why are more and more people choosing to study abroad? Where is best place to study in Europe?

    1. One of best education systems in Europe

    The high quality and traditions of Czech education and research are well known, especially when studying science, technology or medicine in Czech Republic. Charles University in Prague was founded in 1348 and is oldest university in Central Europe. The Accreditation Council and Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports are responsible for assessing quality of all aspects of higher education.

    2. Learn Czech for free

    Regardless of your nationality, if you are studying a program taught entirely in Czech at a public or government institution in Czech Republic, tuition fees are free in accordance with laws of country. The enrollment fee is only enrollment fee you will have to pay, unless you decide to extend your studies beyond a certain period, choose a different course than one you originally applied for, or learn a language other than Czech.

    3. Excellent value for money

    Even if you choose a private university rather than a free public institution, cost of education will be lower compared to other countries with a similarly good educational reputation. Private institutions set their own fees, which range from $2,000 to $15,000 per year, depending on program and university you choose.

    4. Over 60 universities with unique programs

    Higher education institutions in Czech Republic offer interesting programs that are difficult to find in other countries, providing you with a special perspective and specific knowledge in a particular area. In addition to general undergraduate courses, many students choose Czech Republic to enroll in master's and doctoral programs, or even just short specialized courses focusing on innovative or more traditional disciplines.

    5. Excellent geographical position

    With its location in heart of Europe, studying in Czech Republic means having a "free ticket" allowing you to travel and see most of Old Continent. In addition to picturesque Czech villages bordering neighboring countries Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia and very close to Switzerland, Hungary and Italy, this is a must-see tourist destination that you can only easily access from a centralized location like Czech Republic . .

    6. Low cost of living

    In addition to educational benefits, life in Czech Republic is more affordable than in other European countries, especially when compared to UK, France or Germany. Daily expenses, from food and lodging to public transport, typicallyrange from $350 to $750 per month, and type of housing has more impact on your monthly budget. Also, once you enroll in a Czech university, you will receive an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which will give you special discounts on many places and activities before you travel to Czech Republic.

    7. Rich culture

    The Czech Republic is located in heart of Europe and is a country with many different cultures. While studying and living in Czech Republic, you will discover historical images of Slavic, Germanic and Jewish communities that played an important role in creating culture and lifestyle of Central Europe. Museum visits, visits to literary cafes, occasional visits to old churches and cathedrals, walks in historic districts: these will be part of your daily routine while studying in Czech Republic, supplementing your courses with new international friends and social life.

    8. Academic Diversity

    Due to increase in number of courses taught in foreign languages, especially in English, more and more foreign students come to Czech Republic to study undergraduate or graduate courses. Another reason is that Czech institutions are becoming more and more international and are investing in partnership and cooperation activities with EU and other countries. Currently, more than 37,000 foreign students study at higher educational institutions in Czech Republic. It will be easy for you to make new friends!