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    May 18, 2023

    British travel diary sharing his experience of traveling in UK

    The United Kingdom (UK), comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, has long been one of most popular travel destinations in Europe. The charm of country is due to its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The best places to visit range from well-preserved country estates and castles to numerous art galleries and world-class museums.

    Stephen has put together some beautiful scenery from his trip around UK to help you plan your trip to UK.

    1. London: a universal destination in UK

    While it is possible to plan a trip to UK without visiting London, it is strongly not recommended as nation's sprawling capital has a lot to offer and is well worth seeing. For those who want to learn more about rich history of Britain, one of top things to do in London is to visit Tower of London. This former palace and prison sits next to imposing Tower Bridge on banks of Thames and includes landmarks such as iconic 1000 year old White Tower adorned with magnificent armour. and weapons, and House of Jewels, jewel in crown.

    Since reign of Queen Victoria, fans of British royal family will want to visit Buckingham Palace in London. Here you can see "changing of guard" in action and even visit state rooms of palace (make sure to book in advance as they are only open a few weeks a year).

    The City Area Whitehall Road is another must-see area where you will see Big Ben and Houses of Parliament and Westminster Westminster Abbey. > site of many royal weddings. Another highlight of London is South Kensington, home to the best museums in city, including Victoria and Albert Museum, natural history museums and famous Harrods. Also visit Trafalgar Square, home to famous Nelson Column and the National Portrait Gallery.

    British travel diary sharing his experience of traveling in UK

    2. Edinburgh: capital of Scotland

    The capital Edinburgh is one of most attractive cities in Scotland and one of most visited places in UK. Edinburgh is popular for its well-preserved historic buildings and perhaps best known for being home to majestic Edinburgh Castle. Perched on a rocky promontory in Old City, this 13th-century royal fortress includes famous 1:00 a.m. fireworks held daily on crescent battery; The Scottish Crown Jewels in palace; Scottish National War Memorial; The Stone of Scone has returned to Scotland after a 700 year legacy in London.

    The castle offers easy access to other of city's most important historical sites, most notably Royal Mile in Old Town with its fine architecture, boutiques, cafes, restaurants and art galleries, as well as old Palace of Holyrood. Other Edinburgh attractions include sprawling Princes Street, popular for shopping and dining, as well as Royal Botanic Gardens and National Gallery of Scotland.

    British travel diary sharing his experience of traveling in UK

    3. Roman Bath

    Despite fact that Bath is one of smallest cities in UK, it is known for many attractions that far exceed its size precisely because of its small size. Named after its famous Roman baths, this beautiful city has been attracting tourists with its well-being for over 2000 years. The water gushing from three hot springs is composed of 43 different minerals and has healing properties. The hot spring rises about 3048 meters at a rate of 275,000 gallons per day and then remains at 46.5 degrees Celsius.

    While bathing in original Roman baths was not possible, a number of nearby thermal baths (most notably Thermae Bath Spa) offer guests opportunity to enjoy city's famous waters.

    In addition to its rich history, Bath is also known for its beautiful Georgian architecture, walking along magnificent curved Royal Crescent with its stately town houses. The Royal Crescent Museum in particular offers a fascinating glimpse into Georgian life.

    British travel diary sharing his experience of traveling in UK

    4. Ancient Stonehenge and medieval Salisbury

    Stonehenge is one of oldest World Heritage Sites on Earth, a place of pilgrimage dating back over 4,500 years. It is believed that it was erected as a place of worship, but today crowds of tourists are filled with huge size of this magnificent monument to humanity.

    Be sure to spend some time exploring nearby medieval town of Salisbury, located 10 miles south of Stonehenge. Here you will have opportunity to visit one of most famous cathedrals in country, built in 1220 and representing original Magna Carta. After that, be sure to take a stroll through Old Town with its many fine churches and historic medieval buildings.