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  • Notes on rainy days - Written on February 15, 2020, during days of state's fight against epidemic.

    On Saturday afternoon, temperature dropped and wind whistling from north window sounded like winter even though it was beginning of spring. Standing on balcony and looking outside, sky is cloudy and clouds are very thick. From tim...

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    Those things on project (17)

    Comprehensive acceptance requires presence of five parties, i.e. construction team, construction team, designer, supervisor and research team. With permission of quality supervision department, construction team organizes project ...

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    My travels abroad (3) Trip to Africa (1)

    In early winter of 1998, I was still an MBA student at Tianjin University. That day, chairman called me and said that he was going to Africa and lead team. The company also has a finance person, a commercial bank president outside...

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    My travels abroad (1) Foreword

    A few days ago, I saw a friend's article in headlines recalling a trip abroad, and I was impressed by passage in it: "After a few years, when I can no longer run on road, I sit at home and read travel notes. also a kind of beautif...

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    My travels abroad (3) Trip to Africa (2)

    When we arrived at enterprise, we immediately began to work according to principle of division of labor. At company, we basically spent two days reading materials, visiting each workshop, learning more about state of production an...

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    My travel notes abroad (2) Two trips to Europe (1)

    Europe, strictly speaking, Western Europe, I was there twice, in 1996 and 2003. Two times were 14 days, led by general manager and chairman of company, transfer once was representative of intermediary, and other was representative...

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    My travel notes abroad (6) Trips to Japan, Thailand and India (1)

    In early December 2006, company organized a delegation trip to Japan, Thailand and India to participate in a technical improvement project. We were a group of four, led by company's executive vice president, accompanied by an agen...

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    My travel notes abroad (2) Two trips to Europe (2)

    In Germany that year, we were met and dropped off by an elderly man in his 70s. He drove a minibus and was in a good mood. In Italy, sales director of manufacturer drove us to and from highway, and card payment at high-speed toll ...

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    My travel notes abroad (6) Trips to Japan, Thailand and India (2)

    When we arrived in Delhi, India, we visited plant here as planned, and I was very impressed. First, we saw trenches dug under foundation of equipment in workshop, which connected into trenches and merged at corner Suction The fan ...

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    My Foreign Travel Notes (7) Five Trips to Vietnam (2)

    In Vietnam, what impresses me most is army of motorcycles in city. Sooner or later it can be called restless. Whether north or south, motorcycles are everywhere. On narrow roads, cars, pedestrians and motorcycles are mixed togethe...

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